Our Story

Our founding team has over two decades of software development, IT infrastructure management, cybersecurity consulting, and operational experience.

We built and supported products for a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, driving results through scaling platforms, improving operational efficiency, and launching new products to expand TAM.

We decided to take that experience and apply it towards tech diligence and help investment firms build a true tech picture of their target investments. We realize that our client’s investment hold periods are too short to turn around the core components of the platform or data model.

Other functions such as sales, marketing, finance, or customer success can be fixed much faster, but not core tech. Investment firms can’t afford to be wrong about the tech. Missing even seemingly small parts about the true state of the platform can present scalability issues for the company. Simply, you can’t deploy to the desired number of customers when the tech is a bottleneck and can accommodate a fraction of customers.

Our tech due diligence approach is grounded in our experience and deep understanding of technology where we built a reputation as a trusted partner.

We are proud of the lasting relationships that we have developed and look forward to partnering with your deal teams to support your investment thesis and investment goals.


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